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I thought our story was epic you know? You and me.

No one writes songs about the ones that come easy.

6 September
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About Me:
Sweet Sixteen. Junior in High School. Major celeb crush is Jake Gyllenhaal. Soap Opera crush is Thorsten Kaye. Also is in love with Jason Dohring & Clive Owen. Loves Kristen Bell as a respectable talented actress. Hopeless Romantic. Soap Opera Addict. Craves drama and angst. Adores photography. I am so gonna be famous. Loves staying up late. Loves fashion. I'm a text whore, so hit me up bitch. VERY Sarcastic. Loves her mega DVD collection. Loves Veronica Mars. She has what some might say as a Sparkling Personality. Loves Vitamin Water to keep her hydrated. Her life is a non-stop party. Always referred to as classy and sophisticated. There is so much more to know, just wait...

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